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Title: F-35

Following the 24 October 2001 Milestone B decision, the F-35 JSFPO Verification and Test (V&T) Integrated Product Team (IPT) began immediately working with their Lockheed Martin counterparts to build the most unique and robust test and evaluation (T&E) approach in acquisition history.

The F-35 T&E program is structured to provide accurate, timely, and essential information to decision makers at all levels (JSFPO through DOD) on which decisions can be made throughout the development cycle. The goal of F-35 T&E is to evaluate system performance relative to operational requirements in the intended operational environment. F-35 T&E will identify deficiencies (technical or operational) for resolution prior to production and deployment.

The generic phrase "Test and Evaluation" encompasses a broad range of methods and processes to evaluate an air system. The F-35 T&E effort is divided into two areas; Verification and Test (V&T) and Flight Test. V&T is concerned with a broad range of testing and simulation as well as the verification, validation and accreditation of modeling, inspection, simulation and test results. Flight Test is actually a subset of V&T and serves as the ultimate air system level verification methodology. Both V&T and Flight Test areas overlap in terms of methods, responsibilities, results and products. The Integrated Test Force (ITF) was developed to plan and execute the flight test portion of the larger V&T effort. V&T will consist of two basic types; Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E) and Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E).

Responsible for Air System Verification and Test Planning and Execution

  • Manages $1.8B Personnel and Operating Budget
  • Directs Planning and Execution to Verify Specification Compliance and Evaluate System Performance
  • Leads 200+ Person Joint-Service and International Government and Contractor Integrated Test Force Team (Buildup to 1500+)
    • Oversees Planning for Integrated Test Force Execution
  • Plan, provision, execute, analyze, and report on F-35 flight test - Coordinate test site activities - China Lake, Edwards, Pax River, Ft Worth
  • Test Planning
  • Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) - Oversee Joint Test Plan planning
  • Deficiency Reporting Program
  • Chair US and International acceptance working groups
  • Develop UK Safety case from US certification effort
  • Live Fire Test program
  • Orchestrate ITF Security effort
  • Lead JSF Government Furnished Property/Equipment team
  • JCS Assessment

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