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Title: F-35

  • An autonomic response – a subconscious reflex – provides a timely reaction to an unforeseen potential problem. Your body’s autonomic nervous system monitors, controls and adjusts your autonomic response to external stimuli. Autonomic Logistics (AL) works much the same way – only for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. AL is a seamless, embedded solution that integrates current performance, operational parameters, current configuration, scheduled upgrades and maintenance, component history, predictive diagnostics (prognostics) and health management, and service support for the F-35. Essentially, AL does invaluable and efficient behind-the-scenes monitoring, maintenance and prognostics to support the aircraft and ensure its continued good health.

  • Lockheed Martin is partnering with the Joint Strike Fighter Program Office to develop a centrally managed, best value AL support system for all of the F-35 aircraft that will be in use worldwide. AL couples a reliable air vehicle design with a streamlined business approach to produce an integrated support and training package that ensures an affordable and cost-effective system. The AL system is a performance-based logistics construct and involves a cooperative partnering agreement between the government and industry. Another key element of AL and the F-35 program is a joint solution that emphasizes commonality for all participating countries, reducing redundant duplication and maximizing total system efficiencies.

  • The AL End State is based on five key concepts:
    1. Smart and Reliable Aircraft – An aircraft with reliability, maintainability, and prognostic and health management (PHM) inherent in the design, enabling the entire AL Concept.
    2. Technology Enabled and Supported Maintainer – Trained maintenance personnel, with information, instructions, tools, parts and materials.
    3. Integrated Training Environment – Integrated training environment mission-qualified pilots and maintainers, regardless of location.
    4. Intelligent Information Infrastructure – Intelligent information infrastructure that captures, analyzes and identifies system characteristics and interfaces with legacy support systems to provide F-35 information for every user worldwide
    5. Performance-Based Best Value Sustainment – A business approach that equally weighs risk, schedule, cost and technical aspects to provide a cost effective, affordable support system that reduces total cost ownership over the life cycle.

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