F-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office

Electronic Warfare Suite

The AN/ASQ-239 system protects the F-35 with advanced technology for next generation missions to counter current and emerging threats. Equipped with offensive and defensive electronic warfare options for the pilot and aircraft, the suite provides fully integrated radar warning, targeting support, and self-protection, to detect and defeat surface and airborne threats.

The system provides the pilot with maximum situational awareness, helping to identify, monitor, analyze, and respond to potential threats. Advanced avionics and sensors provide a real-time, 360-degree view of the battlespace, helping to maximize detection ranges and provide the pilot with options to evade, engage, counter or jam threats.

Always active, AN/ASQ-239 provides all-aspect, broadband protection, allowing the F-35 to reach well-defended targets and suppress enemy radars. The system operates in signal-dense environments, providing the aircraft with radio-frequency and infrared countermeasures, and rapid response capabilities. AN/ASQ-239 is a platform-level solution that provides the F-35 with improved reliability and maintainability, helping reduce long term life cycle costs in keeping the aircraft fielded now and into the future.