F-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office

Alis/Odin Autonomic Logistics Information System / Operational Data Integrated Network

What is ALIS?

The F-35 is the first tactical aircraft system to have sustainment tools designed in concert with the air vehicle to optimize operations. This focus on sustainment, together with economies of scale realized from a global supply chain for more than 3,000 aircraft, will help control the costs associated with maintaining a fleet of 5th Generation fighters.

What is ODIN?

ODIN will be a cloud-native system that incorporates a new integrated data environment and a new suite of user-centered applications; it will be a significant step forward to improve F-35 fleet’s sustainment and readiness performance. ODIN will be designed to substantially decrease F-35 administrator and maintainer workload, increase mission capability rates for all F-35 variants, and allow software engineers to rapidly develop and deploy updates in response to emerging warfighter requirements.

ALIS turns maintenance data into actionable information that enables pilots, maintainers and military leaders to make proactive decisions and keep jets flying.