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VADM Mathias Winter

Maj Gen Eric T. Fick

Mr. Todd C. Mellon

Mr. Jay Fiebig

Mr. Steven Bizier

Mr. Daniel A. Fri

Former Leadership


Title: Leadership

The vision of the F-35 Lightning II Program is to "deliver and sustain the most advanced, strike fighter aircraft to protect future generations worldwide."

The program was structured from the beginning to be a model of acquisition reform, with an emphasis on jointness, technology maturation, and concept demonstrations, and early cost-performance trades integral to the weapon system requirements definition process.

The F-35 Lightning II Program is a joint program with no lead service, staffed by Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps personnel. The Program Executive Officer position alternates between the Departments of Navy and Air Force, and reports to the Service Acquisition Executive (SAE) of the other service. The Program Executive Officer is U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Mathias Winter.

Program Executive Officer                           Deputy Program Executive Officer
VDML Mathias Winter, U.S. Navy                                  Maj Gen Eric T. Fick, USAF
      VADM Winter, USN                                                 Maj Gen Fick, USAF

      Executive Director                                            Director of Engineering
Mr. Todd C. Mellon, SES                                  Mr. Jay Fiebig, SES
   Mr. Todd C. Mellon, SES                                             Mr. Jay Fiebig, SES

    Director of Contracts                             Director of Logistics and Sustainment
Mr. Steven Bizier, SES                                  Mr. Daniel A. Fri, SES
   Mr. Steven Bizier, SES                                             Mr. Daniel A. Fri, SES

Point of Contact
  Special Assistant to the Leadership
  Phone: (703) 602-7640

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